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Thread: SQL selects and the now variable

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    Dan Schmidt Guest

    Default SQL selects and the now variable

    How do you compare a coloum of dates in a table to the now() variable of VBscript?<BR> I have a SQL select statement, one of the comparision i am trying to make is comparing a column to the now variable, like this " date_column &#062; now(), it works on my desktop using an Access database as the data store and PWS as the server, but it wont work on the application. The application is looking at the now() variable like it is a column I tried using stuffing now into a variable in a SQL declare section , but that doesnt work either.<BR>thanks for the help<BR>feel free to email me personally at stk8@hotmail.com

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    dclark Guest

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    You might try putting the date into a variable, but use date() instead of now().

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