How to invoke Applet from ASP

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Thread: How to invoke Applet from ASP

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    Default How to invoke Applet from ASP

    How to invoke an Applet from ASP.

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    You can&#039t invoke *any* client-side code from ASP. This is one of the most basic fundamentals of ASP.<BR><BR>At least not directly.<BR><BR>ASP always produces HTML and then that HTML is run in the user&#039s browser. Since the HTML can, rather obviously, include stuff to invoke an applet, you can thus use ASP to generate an HTML page that in turn invokes an applet.<BR><BR>But this is *NOT* an ASP question and has nothing to do with ASP, per se. It is strictly up to you how you want to have your HTML invoke the Java applet. Period.<BR><BR>

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