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Thread: Any1 for sql STORED PROCEDURES

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    pari Guest

    Default Any1 for sql STORED PROCEDURES

    hi <BR>i want to use a stored procedure for returning a recordset,<BR>am also passing a parameter for the select query in the stored procedure... <BR>am able to pass the parameter but am not able to retrieve the recordset... plz help<BR>thnx in adv<BR>pari

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    Vijai Guest

    Default RE: Any1 for sql STORED PROCEDURES

    Dim rs<BR>Dim oConn<BR>Dim SQLTEST<BR><BR>set oConn = getDBConnection <BR><BR>set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR><BR>A = 1<BR>B = 0<BR>C = 2<BR><BR>SQLTEST = "StoredProcName " & A & "," & B & "," & C<BR>rs.Open SQLTEST, oConn<BR><BR>Hope this helps. There should be some other way to do this, but this one works for sure.<BR><BR>Vijai-

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    pari Guest

    Default RE: retrieve records in ASP using strd procs

    i want to retrieve records from a stored procedure... i am aslo passing a parameter which is used in the where clause.<BR>am a little confused about the parameter collection method.... particularly the output thing..<BR>plz help<BR>thnx in adv<BR>pari

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