Hello all, <BR>I hv to delete files from SQL SERVER...i hv entry in SQL SEVER db of file like <BR>***** <BR>c:uplfilesmy1.txt,c:uplfilesmy2.txt <BR>***** <BR><BR>i use that code for deletion of files <BR><BR>********************** <BR>select @var1 = "Del " + @FName <BR>print @var1 <BR>use master <BR>execute xp_cmdshell @var1 <BR>************* <BR>@FName contain file name to be deleted.. <BR><BR>Problem I HV is <BR><BR>now my DB hv switch to another server ...suppose WS5... <BR>and my webserver which contain files at WS4... <BR>Now SQl Server Search file on WS5...but the files are on WS4...Is their any way to delete the network files.. <BR><BR>@var1 = "Del //WS4/" + @FName <BR>^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ <BR>not working <BR>any help ?????????? <BR><BR><BR> <BR>