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    lorddog Guest

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    Hey you wrote this and I am almost there. I know that this is what I need to do.<BR><BR>Finally mark the Virtual directory as an application by right-clicking the directory within MMC&#039s view of IIS and selecting properties. Go to the &#039Directory&#039 Tab of the properties sheet and click the [Create] button in the Application settings area. Now type in the name of your Application.<BR><BR>you say MMC&#039s and what is that? I am running PWS and in the advanced I have virtual directories named<BR>Home-<BR> -IISAdmin<BR> -IISHelp<BR> -IISSamples<BR> -localstart.asp<BR> -MSADC<BR> -Printers<BR> -Scripts<BR> --Proxy<BR> ---w3proxy.dll<BR> -Webpub<BR><BR>ok my pages are in the Inetpub/wwwroot<BR>my global.asa and cookie.asp pages are by themselfs in a <BR>folder in the wwwroot called Cookie.<BR>So I am ok with that so I think I need to mark the Cookie folder<BR>like you said. If I make a new virtual dir in the advanced PWS and right click it I have these options read,write,script source access<BR>Application permissions none/scripts/execute<BR>Is this where I set it up? and does it matter what Alias I name it?

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    lagerBoy Guest

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    Sorry I was referring to IIS (something which I actually no next to nothing about :)<BR><BR>Your file structure should look like this:<BR><BR>Inetpub<BR>-----&#062; wwwroot<BR> -----&#062;global.asa<BR> other application pages<BR> -------&#062;cookie folder<BR><BR>In other words, move your global.asa file into the Parent folder of the web, then all pages sit &#039under&#039 your global.asa

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    lorddog Guest

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    yepo works now and I didnt even have to make new virtual dir or mark anything. thx

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