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    I am having users logon using their Social Security Number. I then look it up in a database and retrieve their Department, Title and Name. I would like to use this information on every page within the site. Different people will be using the same machine so I do not know if cookies will work. From what I have read from articles on this site, session varibles are evil. I don&#039t think I want to try pass this info to every page using asp tranfer (post/get) method. <BR><BR>How will I store these variables so that I can retrieve them when each page loads?<BR><BR>An example will be great also. (Fairly new to web programming)<BR><BR>Thank you very much.<BR><BR>Eric Brennan<BR>

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    If have to know how to use session variables correctly. They are made for passing data, just use them to a minimal, and use the session.abandon when possible.<BR>You can also, pass through querystring,<BR>Need to keep reading that book

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