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    Bill Dodd Guest

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    I&#039m using ASP ADO and VBscript to change fields in a table. There is a page that is an input form that displays data currently from the database and allows a couple of the fields to be altered ( Like quantity available, status, stat sort of thing..) When the user submits, it submits to an asp page that reads the responses from the form and writes them back, updating the table. My question is, is there a way to ONLY pass the values that have changed into the asp, instead of passing all of the values from the previous page, resulting in massive db read/write overhead.. <BR>thanks so much,<BR>Bill<BR>

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    KPW Guest

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    For each field of your form, you could also include a hidden field that contains the current value. Then, on your form handler, check the value of the field against the value from the corresponding hidden field. If they are different, then you need to update that field in the database.

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