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    I need to find a web hosting company that will allow me to host my ASP with a SQL Server 7 database. If you use a hosting co. and have had positive experience, please post the url, hosting plan, and how much they charge. I need to be online FAST. Also, how do you establish your database connection on that server? DSN-less or with a system DSN, and how do you do it (code snippet would be nice.)<BR><BR>Thanks for your help. You guys and chicks rule.

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    I use interland. Go to www.interland.com it&#039s like $19.00 /mo or something like that. You can choose from diff os&#039s and stuff like that. The dsn is controlled by a control panel that is http driven that let&#039s you define a system dsn.. or you can do a file dsn.. either one.. let me know...<BR>Bill Dodd<BR>bill@interwizard.com<BR><BR>Talk to Wil Cash there. She&#039s cool!<BR>

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