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    label Guest

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    My partner and I have written a fairly simple site using ASP calls to a database. It takes approximately 2-3 seconds to see the page start to come up on the machine we have running pws. (350 mhz, 64 meg ram) It takes almost 15 seconds to start to see the same page and data on the machine running IIS 4.0 (400 mhz, 256 meg ram). We have checked every setting we can think of and cannot improve performance. The database is 175 k, and has about 400 lines of info. If anyone has any suggestions, we would appreciate them.

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    Are you using ADO to access the DB? Is the DB local?<BR>Are you using ODBC or something else like OLE DB?<BR>What kind of DB is it? What objects are you creating<BR>in the ASP code?<BR><BR>Posting the code will help us too.

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    label Guest

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    Yes, we are using ADO to access the db. The db is local. <BR>We are currently using OBDC (system dsn) to connect. We however, are trying to get OLE DB to work and have not been able to. We have studied the tutorial on this site and have not gotten it to work. <BR>Database is Osas (basis OBDC driver). <BR>Dim Connect, OnMenu, Query, X, Smake, fso, fdate<BR>Set Connect = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>Connect .Open "Osas"<BR>Query = "SELECT * FROM ASWB order by MAKE, MODEL"<BR>Set OnMenu = Connect.Execute(Query)<BR>is the object we are creating and using.

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    e Guest

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    I would check to see the version of the ODBC driver you are using<BR>and make sure that&#039s up to date. Also make sure you have the<BR>latest version of MDAC/ADO on the IIS machine. If not you can<BR>download it from Microsoft. I suspect that the problem lies not<BR>in the code but something with the ODBC drivers because<BR>you stated that it ran fine on PWS. I hope this helps :)

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