SQL 7 problem, please help !!!

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Thread: SQL 7 problem, please help !!!

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    Rob Guest

    Default SQL 7 problem, please help !!!

    I&#039m trying to insert some long text (about 1,500 characters) in the SQL table in the field with datatype of TEXT or NVARCHAR but it only lets me insert about 1,000 and the rest gets cut off. Isnt there a 4,000 characters limit on NVARCHAR ??? Does anyone have any ideas why this happens ? I appreciate your help.

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    Zack Jones Guest

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    You are right about NVCHAR it can hold up to 4000 characters. Are you making sure to check for apostrophe&#039s in the string before you add it to the database? That&#039s about the only thing I can think of that would cause the string to be cut short.<BR><BR>Take Care,<BR>Zack Jones

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