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    i need to display a the first row in a table and put the details into variables. and then use those variables in an sql statement to query another table in the same database. if anything matches to display the id no in the second table. and then loop back to the next record in the first table. and do the same thing.<BR><BR>im don&#039t know how to do the first bit. To display the first record in the first table and then loop. the rest i should be able to figure out... any help appreciated..<BR><BR>thanx from mark please e-mail response to aswell as posting it please..,...,. .

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    You should make the connection<BR> dim var, var2, var3<BR> set rs = ...<BR> Query,<BR> If NOT rs.EOF Then<BR> rs.MoveFirst<BR> var = rs("name")<BR> var2= rs("id")<BR> var3 = rs("whatever")<BR> end if<BR> &#039Then build you sql with var var2 var3<BR>laters

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