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    Mark Guest

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    I&#039ve been working on ASP pages now for two weeks. I have a Win2000 Server serving web content. The URL is not resolved yet but I am able to access it through it&#039s IP address so actually getting there is no problem. I have both pages (the form and the response) created and as far as the web browser is concerned everything seems to work. I am trying to get the information from the form to deposit itself into the Access2000 database. No matter what I do, or the books I read this just doesn&#039t work. HELP! If you want the code for these pages please respond asking for it. The reason being is that I got a bit blast of crap for posting it before without it being requested. Thanks, any and all help is appreciated.

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    Adam Collis (GRR Baby!!) Guest

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    Yeah, Let me take a look at it....I&#039m rather new, but I know *most* of my stuff. :)

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    Adam Collis (GRR Baby!!) Guest

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    OH yeah, you need my Address.....<BR>

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