I don&#039t have the time to read through all of your code Julie but I&#039ll outline the way I do things .....<BR><BR>I only use one class .....<BR>On class initialize <BR>1) Read various details from registry including Location of databse to be used in OLE Connection string etc.. <BR>2)After reading these details correctly, attempt to create a connection<BR><BR>Now that the connection has already been set up you can use it through out the session if you hold it in a session variable. (This is not advisable if you have a site with alot of users though, I work on an intranet and this works fine for me)<BR><BR>Otherwise it will do for this for this page and you will have to complete the same code for each page on your site that needs the connection to the database ...<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Paula Cullen<BR>