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    Hi, I am newbie in programing in asp, How I can connect a data base in code asp to intranet´s server?<BR>Someone can I help me?<BR>Thanks.

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    Adam Collis (Grrr Baby!!) Guest

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    Set DBConnection = Server.CreateObject("adodb.Connection") - Just Write it...It Sets up a Connection<BR><BR>DSN="Provider=MSDAORA.1;Password =amcollis;User ID=amcollis;Data Source=DSSA;Persist Security Info=True" - This is the Parameters for the Connection that you Created.<BR><BR>DBConnection.Open DSN - Opens the Connection with the Parameters you Created.<BR><BR>SQL="SELECT -bla bla bla" - Define your SQL <BR><BR>Set SQLRecordSet=DBConnection.Execute(SQL) - Connect, and Run your Querry!! :)

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