I am having major problems deleting certain records. Just to test things, I used a SELECT statement using the same ThreadID:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM Posts WHERE ThreadID = &#039 890&#039<BR><BR>It comes up with several results with no problems. I again try the DELETE with no luck:<BR><BR>DELETE FROM Posts WHERE ThreadID = &#039 890&#039<BR><BR>After much laborious effort, I discovered the exact two records that are causing the problem. I even tried to delete them manually in the Access database and got this pop-up error message:<BR><BR>Reserved Error (-1601); there is no message for this error<BR><BR>I also noticed something else strange in the table. There is one record (which I AM able to delete) that has "#Error" as the value for each field.<BR><BR>I am still stuck with these two records that cannot be deleted. I suppose I can just keep them there but I&#039d rather clean this mess up. Any ideas?