Were can i Submit source for reviwes

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Thread: Were can i Submit source for reviwes

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    moti Guest

    Default Were can i Submit source for reviwes

    Dear Sirs ,<BR>I have scripts ,<BR>But i would like to send it to some people so they can review it and givre me opinions , as well as advise me that i am moving in a good direction ,<BR>Please help<BR>regards <BR>Moti

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    lagerBoy Guest

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    You could use my 4 step method:<BR><BR>1. Upload files to webserver.<BR>2. Wait for criticism from customer/employer.<BR>3. Fix areas of criticism.<BR>4. Have a lager.<BR><BR>Being &#039fit for purpose&#039 is the most important part of developing code. There will always be better ways of doing things.<BR><BR>I&#039ve only been coding for about 8 months and I&#039ve noticed that each time I write code I learn something new.<BR><BR>Now when I look back at the code I wrote a couple of months ago it looks awful, and no doubt in 2 months time when I look back at the code I&#039m writing today, I&#039ll think that looks pretty terrible too.<BR><BR>My advice to you with regard to VB (VBScript) programming is this, learn to embrace object oriented approach to programming. For example learn how to separate a large flow of code into different functions, this approach is good for code re-use.<BR><BR>My second piece of advice is this, whenever you get the opportunity, look at other people&#039s code and try to understand what they are doing.<BR><BR>Anyway that&#039s my take on things :)<BR>

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