I&#039ll try to be brief...I&#039m working on an intranet. I have set up a remote virtual directory, and am trying to read the directory/file structure beneath it using the FSO Folder Object&#039s methods and properties. I know the FSO code is correct, but there is something not working with the connection portion. On my asp page that resides on the server, I call on the virtual directory by the following:<BR><BR>VDViewPath = "../../../VD/public files/"<BR>VDMapPath = server.mappath("/VD") & "public files\"<BR><BR>Dim fs, f, f1, foldername, sf, subf, subf1, subfoldername, subsf<BR> Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR> Set f = fs.GetFolder(VDMapPath)<BR> Set sf = f.SubFolders<BR>etc...<BR><BR>I get a "Path not found" error on the GetFolder line.<BR><BR>BUT, if I have previously logged into the remote PC through the browser (so the connection username/pw are in memory) then run my asp page, it runs like a charm.<BR><BR>Do I need to send the username/pw through - I thought the Virtual Directory used the "connect as" username/pw assigned without a prompt?! What am I missing? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.<BR>JudyG.