I am using the Microsoft XMLHTTP object in some ASP code to make a request for an html document so that it can be displayed within the current doc. In otherwords mypage.asp creates an XMLHTTP object and requests somepage.htm on the same server so that the contents of somepage.htm can be displayed in the body of mypage.asp.<BR><BR>The problem is that after I set this up and get it working, any changes in somepage.htm are not showing up when mypage.asp gets refreshed. Its almost like the server has a cached copy of somepage.htm that the XMLHTTP object is retrieving.<BR><BR>When I try to load somepage.htm all by itself, I can see the changes, but the old version shows up when I view it through somepage.asp.<BR><BR>I have even tried renaming the file somepage.htm to somepage2.htm, and the mypage.asp still loads ok - showing the original somepage.htm contents!<BR><BR>Also, I have set an expires meta tag in the somepage.htm but that does not help either.<BR><BR>Is there a property for the XMLHTTP object that I am missing somewhere?<BR><BR>Thanks