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    I have a large database of printer information. There is an edit page that allows the user to edit a printer and saves the data using the following SQL statement:<BR><BR>sql = "UPDATE PRINTERTYPES SET PRINTERNAME = &#039" & newprinter & "&#039, SETUP = &#039" & setup & "&#039, SERVERNAME = &#039" & newservers & "&#039, ALTPRINTER = &#039" & altprinter & "&#039 WHERE PRINTERNAME = &#039" & oldprinter & "&#039"<BR><BR>The problem is that I have entries that are identical to each other exept for capitalization. I need it to work that way, but when I edit one record, the one that is similar to it also changes.<BR><BR>How do I avoid this?<BR>

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    You could add an autonumber field, let&#039s say printer_number to the PRINTERTYPES table and when a user selects a printer to edit change your sql to read &#039update printertypes set ... where printer_number = " & printer_number&#039<BR><BR>This would update only the single row.<BR><BR>

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