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    moti Guest

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    Dear Mg ,<BR>thanks a lot again but istill have some problems .<BR><BR>even with that article you gave me<BR>1-How can i get a few random numbers ?<BR>2-How can i MAke that this numbers should not be doubled the same ?<BR>Please help me a little more ,<BR>You can see my source again in my previous message to you .<BR>Regards <BR>Tomi

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    MG Guest

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    You can run the random part twice and assign to a different variable each time. then check to see if the random # generated the next time is the same as the first one, if yes then rerun the random and repeat. <BR><BR>Then run an SQL statement like this<BR>strSQL = "SELECT * FROM YOURTABLE WHERE ID = " & rndnbr1 & " OR ID = " randnbr2<BR><BR>That will return 2 rows.

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