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    Nancy J. Anderson Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>My IIS 4.0 web server NT seems to have stopped "authenticating" If we allow anonoymous access everything seems to work fine, but if we try to use NT challenge response then it simply throws us all off - Domain admins as well as the common rift raft. <BR><BR>Any suggestions appreciated. <BR><BR>thanks,<BR>nancy<BR>

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    Markkk Guest

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    Verify the following:<BR><BR>1. Make sure that the "NT Challenge/Response" Authentication checkbox is CHECKED (under directory and file properties in the IIS Admin - Microsoft management Console).<BR><BR>2. make sure that your clients are using MSIE browsers (Netscape won&#039t authenticate NT Challenge/Response).<BR><BR>Make sure that your Authenticate Web Users have appropriate NTFS File permissions to READ the asp files, as well as any databases that are read/changed.<BR><BR>I hope this helps!!

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    Nancy J. Anderson Guest

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    Thanks for the response. <BR><BR>We did all that. The problem started when we added a new domain to the site... We have a site group, which we added the new users to. In theory the group within a group should have worked fine. And it did. Then all of a sudden Nobody could get on... <BR><BR>Any way we are starting over on a new box, so... <BR><BR>later,<BR>nancy<BR>

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