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    How can I combine both SQL statements so that if no record exists in tblSubscriberRequirements.MemberId the code will still work? Right now the SQL statement only works form *EXISTING MEMBERS* who already have a record in tblSubscriberRequirements.MemberId<BR><BR>&#039 sSql = "Select * from tblSubscriberRequirements where MemberID = &#039" & session("MemberID") & "&#039"<BR><BR>sSql= "SELECT tblSubscriberRequirements.MemberId, tblUsers.UserType " _<BR>& "FROM tblSubscriberRequirements INNER JOIN tblUsers ON tblSubscriberRequirements.MemberId = tblUsers.UserName " _<BR>& "WHERE MemberID = &#039" & session("MemberID") & "&#039"<BR> rs.Open sSql,DbConn<BR><BR>&#039no tblSubscriberRequirements.MemberId record is going to be available if user has never<BR>&#039entered a record before thus this SQL statement is going to throw an error for first timers<BR>&#039entering their requirements<BR><BR>If rs("UserType") = "Level2" AND rs.RecordCount &#062;= 2 Then<BR>%&#062;

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    What error is thrown?<BR><BR>Try:<BR><BR>...tblSubscriberRequire ments RIGHT JOIN tblUsers...<BR><BR>&#039In case of Null UserType<BR>If Trim(rs("UserType"))...<BR><BR>HIH

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