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    I need a really good beginng ASP book<BR><BR>Ive got the begining ASP book by wrox, it is a great book.<BR>However, it teaches in a linear fashion, meaning you have get<BR>to the end of the book before you can apply what you have learnt.<BR><BR>I need a book that has more real-world examples in it.<BR><BR>Any ideas<BR>Paul

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    Get ASP Unleashed by Steven Walther. You will surely find a lot of good and advance stuff on ASP.

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    For basics I would get - ASP Developers Guide isbn 0072122943<BR>Next level - Mastering Active Server Pages 3 isbn 0782126197<BR>Also, very handy to have ASP in a Nutshell, lying around the place.<BR><BR>All of these books can be seen (found) at (beware of the amazon cookiefest at the end of each link!)<BR>

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    I liked the Wrox books ( the red books), so I would reccomend Begining ASP 3.0. I would also recomend getting a Javascript book, and if you dont already know HTML to get a good reference for that too, since it is hard to do a lot of the server side stuff without understanding the basics of the client side.

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