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    Hi I have set up a small ASP database page, the page has various forms which work really nicely. That is until I use Netscape...<BR>When I try to submit a form in Netscape it just times out. On the same machine using explorer No Problemo.<BR><BR>I am not using style sheets or anything that is specific to Explorer. The only thing that I am using is Dreamweaver templates, but since these use a standard HTML HIDDEN COMMENT format I can&#039t see how that would cause any error.<BR><BR>Any ideas ?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Dwane.<BR>If you would like to try it then the link is:<BR><BR>Try creating a user account, this is a free pet project of mine so if you would like to use it then feel free to.

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    Hi, I just tested it in NN 4.7 - worked fast!

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