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    When I use the command DELETE FROM ..., all rows that are matching the criteria are deleted. But what if there are many identic rows and if I just want to delete one of them, for exemple the row number ## in the table (I know this number) ? I tried the command Recordset.Delete but I get an error using it.<BR>Does anyone know how to do that ?<BR>Thanks

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    Open a recordset RS with your record (row) in it. Then use RS.Delete to delete whatever is in the recordset. I use RS.Update after that, but I&#039m not sure that is needed.

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    Default better way, w/ sql

    here&#039s a better way to do it, using sql...and if you know the row&#039s identification number (i&#039m assuming this is an autonumber field...if it is not, i highly suggest you put one in NOW)<BR><BR> "delete * from mytable where autonumberfield = 7"<BR>&#039 7 is just a dummy<BR><BR>now, if you had this number created on the fly, like, passed through a querystring it would look something like this:<BR><BR>mynumber=request.querystring("mynumbe r")<BR> "delete * from mytable where autonumberfield=" & mynumber<BR><BR>hope this helps!!

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