Hi Ive created a template class that allows me to assign a file to one of the properties and with a dictionary object fill in the necessary [tags]... if you know what i mean.. so basically<BR>mytemplate.tags("foo")="3" would replace [foo] with 3 on the template. Ok heres the thing.. When i open the template I assign the everything to one property called iTemplate like this<BR>iTEmplate = fileObj.readall<BR><BR>Is that a bad way to do it? Will this bog the server at all? Or should I do a response.buffer = true and do seperate response.writes? Follow me? Good :)<BR><BR>My next question is would it be better to use my regular expression object as a replace function or vb&#039s replace()?<BR><BR>Ive added a database parses so this things getting bloated and this site is supposidly going to get alot of hits. I was wondering if its something I should try and trim down. T.I.A