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    Toni Guest

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    After much experimenting, I finally connected and displayed/deleted and updated records on a remote SQL server. Now I need a script that will allow an anonymous user to search for any Name (or part thereof) and receive a results page... is it possible with ASP without having to write components for ASP to use?<BR>Any help is greatly appreciated...

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    Toni Guest

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    Or let me ask you this:<BR>Can I create a simple form with the standard Submit/Reset buttons and a text field that will take the data from the text field and place it into an ASP page with the following SQL statement to be executed:<BR>Select *<BR>From Table_Name <BR>Where Name Like &#039%Whatever_was_put_in_the_search_form_b4%&#039 ;<BR>will that work?<BR>I haven&#039t tried it because I don&#039t have access to the server from where I am sitting right now...

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    Toni Guest

    Default Bill... I know you know this...

    Since you seem to know A LOT more on this subject than I do... how about an opinion?

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