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    David Park Guest

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    I&#039ve exported an Access database to Sybase and I&#039m having problems inserting data. When I try to update or insert data, the database gets tied up and nothing works unless we reboot the server. Is there any difference in the syntax of SQL between Access and Sybase?

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    John Kim Guest

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    As far as I know, They both use same T-SQL but Global variable or operator could be different when you use old ASP code.<BR>

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    sm549 Guest

    Default No

    There are some differences, maybe some of them apply to you. <BR><BR>Sybase won&#039t support the INNER/LEFT/RIGHT JOIN syntax. You&#039d have to use a WHERE clause with**, etc. Also the date string delimiter is a quote, not #. Wildcard character is %.<BR><BR>Any specific SQL statements that aren&#039t working? Maybe post them and someone could suggest a fix.<BR><BR>HIH

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