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    Sorry to anyone who saw an earlier post. I wasn&#039t very clear with my question. <BR><BR>I would like to know if it&#039s possible to grab all form data transmitted from one page and pass it through a second page that validates a username and on to a third without building a long query string to attach to a redirect. It&#039s not as simple as saying <BR>whatever = Request("field")<BR>then<BR>Response.Redirect "thirdpage.asp?whatever="&whatever<BR><BR>Read on...<BR><BR>The form that passes these elements from the first page is dynamically generating values to pass. I&#039m looping to create the list and passing them with names like field1, field2, field3,... until the end of the recordset. The only way I know how many fields are being sent is to pass a hidden record count. Furthermore, I have six different pages that all send data to this second page. They will all pass different field names and a different number of fields. That&#039s no big deal. What&#039s tricky to me is that I need to pass all of these on once again to a third page. See, the second page is simply used to check that the user is authorized to make changes to a database. Although I am perfectly capable of validating someone&#039s id and password without an interim page, in this situation it&#039s most practical for me to use one. Ultimately, I will have many many users hitting this interim page from one of six pages, each user with different permissions assigned. <BR><BR>What I would like most to know is whether or not it is possible to receive all transmitted data in a single object, ignore this data while it&#039s on the second page (while validating the username), then redirect the user to an appropriate third page and send the entire stream of data along with it. <BR><BR>Anybody follow this and know how to handle it?<BR><BR>Thanks for any feedback!

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    You could possibly store the values in Session variables on the second page, before the redirect, and retrieve them on the third page.

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    Well I think session array will be a much better idea. You can create a two dimensional array, with the first dimension representing the name of the control and the second dimension storing the value of that control. Then assign the array to a session variable. In this way all the values of your form can be handled by only one session variable.<BR>If you store them in individual session variables...God help your server. <BR>

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