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    Leroy Brown Guest

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    Greetings, whenever I call the Send method of the CDONTS object, I get the message "Permission denied" The web app is NOT being run out of process so I have no idea what this could be.. it works fine on development and QA machines but not in production. It is being created inside of an MTS VB COM object that is in a package set to run as an administrator on that machine. Any ideas?

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    Ed Guest

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    There&#039s an article on 4Guys that discusses this...<BR><BR>"Getting a Permission Denied Error?<BR>Depending on the security settings on the Web server you may receive a permission denied error when executing the Send method. If this is the case check to make sure that the IUSR_MachineName has Full Control permissions on the mail root directories (usually C:InetPubmailroot). (For example, if your Web server&#039s name is Bob, ensure that IUSR_Bob has these permissions.)"

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