Something quite wierd is happening in my application. Recently, I installed my application on a Win 2000 machine (it was originally written for NT4). Suddenly, a segment of my code no longer works correctly. The purpose of the script in question is as follows (similar to the "Protecting Everything" article):<BR><BR>1. Check the value of a cookie (I also tried it using a session variable) to determine if the user is authorized to view this document.<BR><BR>2. If the user is authorized, read/write the file to the browser after setting the mime type to the appropriate value.<BR><BR>My problem is that whenever I enter my conditional statement I inexplicably "lose" the value of my cookie (or session var, for that matter). That is, if I perform a Response.Write on cookieval before the conditional, a valid value is displayed. However, if I enter debug code in my conditional block to check the same value, I get an empty string.<BR><BR><BR>Example:<BR><BR> Response.Write(cookieval) &#039 o.k. - get 55<BR><BR> if(cookieval &#060;&#062; expectedVal) then<BR> Response.Write(cookeval) &#039 ?!#@* - empty string is output<BR> end if<BR><BR>Note: This does not happen when outputting text or html documents. Only certain Microsoft document types.<BR><BR>Thanks