How to update table data?

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    I have an Access db, with one table that contains just one field!<BR><BR>table name = news<BR>table field name = data<BR><BR>I want to use the SQL statement UPDATE to replace information in the table field, with some new information!<BR><BR>Now I have to delete the first row in "data", and then insert a new row!<BR><BR>Are you able to use the UPDATE command to replace the information i the "data" field with some new information?<BR><BR>Please help me out dudes!<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Hi, it&#039s Leonardo from Argentina.<BR><BR>Sure that you can use the UPDATE statement to update the field contents. The syntax is the following:<BR><BR>UPDATE table_name<BR>SET field_name = new_value<BR>[WHERE field_name = some_value]<BR><BR>The WHERE clause is optional, if you don&#039t put this, all the rows in the table will be updated.<BR><BR>Bye men.

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