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    Hi all Im trying to write a Active X Dll for generating random Alpha Numeric String and I can do this in ASP with VB Script but doing this in a DLL is giving me some problems..<BR><BR>In VBS i can just use Randomize()<BR>and it will use a defualt seed..<BR><BR>but in VB it wont let me just use Randomize()<BR>it wants<BR>Randomize(Number)<BR><BR>Any Ideas on how to get this working in a DLL?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>TheSync<BR>

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    How to get it working? Provide a numeric argument to Randomize, just as it says.<BR><BR>So why not read the documentation for VB and figure out what KIND of number the Randomize function needs?<BR><BR>Typically, you use <BR><BR>Randomize( Now() )<BR><BR>or the equivalent in Visual Basic. But that&#039s what documentation is for, after all.<BR><BR>

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    Typically you would use:?<BR><BR>Randomize Timer<BR><BR>(and this works well in ASP/VBScript as well). You could get fancy and use time and has the NIC&#039s MAC address, and throw in a few other things... but for most cases, TIMER will work well.<BR><BR> - Mike

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