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    Need your help to know how to handle concurrent updateof<BR>database ROWS/RECORDS <BR>in ASP/VBScript application development i.e. how to handle the situation<BR>wherby the same record is <BR>updated by two users at a time or one after another?. The situation goes<BR>like this:<BR><BR>"A database record is selected by two users(say, user1 & user2) at atime.<BR>User1 modifies the record <BR>and saves(commit) it in the database. User2, now, tries to save his changes<BR>in the database. Now <BR>User2 s changes must be rejected by the back-end or we should trap this<BR>situation and prompt error <BR>to the user."<BR><BR>In a client-server environment, we handle this with the help of timestamp<BR>column for each <BR>table(in SQLServer). But i do not know how to handle this in a web<BR>environment. And particulary <BR>how to store a column of time-stamp data type in a VBScript variableand<BR>then use it to compare <BR>in SQL statement? Please help me to solve this

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    It is transaction problem.<BR>You can solve this with two ways..<BR>1. Use MTS with COM<BR>it would be great to handle concurent issues unless you are not novice of COM.<BR>2. Use database locktype<BR>it would take short time to handle this.<BR>But no choice to handle runtime error..

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