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    Default Why is ASP Microsoft Platform dependent

    It could be avery stupid question for most. <BR><BR>However, precisely why is ASP (or even for that matter, COM) a Microsoft Platform dependent technology? From a programmer&#039s perspective, it is simply writing some scripts along with HTML. <BR><BR>Is it because ASP uses COM components like Request, Response etc? If so, why is COM only a Microsoft technology?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Well, if you look at ChiliSoft,<BR><BR>I believe they have a product that runs ASP in Unix and maybe other platforms. research. <BR>

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    Default Gee, we must be out of business...

    Just kidding.<BR><BR>http://www.chilisoft.com<BR><BR>Yes, ASP uses COM components. Or, more accurately, ActiveX components, because the only part of COM that is used that really matters is "Automation"--the ability to "script" an object by dynamically invoking methods and accessing properties.<BR><BR>And, yes, ChiliSoft ASP uses ActiveX on several platforms. <BR><BR>COM is not a technology that is commonly used on other platforms, but there are a couple of companies that offer porting products ("Mainwin" from Mainsoft, Inc., and "EntireX" from SoftwareAG, for example). And we built our own "port" on Linux, even. So it can be done.<BR><BR>

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