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    I&#039m new at this so...<BR><BR>I run an ASP file, get a syntax error, open the ASP with Notepad and correct the error, save the corrected file to the server and run again; I still get the same error. Why isn&#039t the corrected file being served?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    My gut feel would be you are not fixing the problem. <BR>You may be fixing A problem, but not ALL the problems.<BR><BR>What is the code that causes the problem?

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    You&#039re probably running into a caching problem - I&#039ve experienced the same thing.<BR>Go to your Windows/Temp file (or wherever your environment tmp= is) and look for "copies" of your asp pages, they&#039ll probably have an .as0 extension -- delete them (if you can, sometimes you have to reboot your machine to get them to let go) and see if that fixes the problem.

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