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    Benjamin Noel Guest

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    I have a page that has a left frame that controls the content of the main frame. Links on the left frame call up different asp pages on the main frame.<BR><BR>The requirement is for a Print button that prints the contents of the main frame. This is because the print button on the browser wants to print the left frame contents, not the inside frame.<BR><BR>It may be easy, but I can find no reference for this.

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    This may be an obvious, have you set the <BR> base target to main.<BR><BR>a workaround could be to load the main frame into its own page and print from there. like 4guys &#039s print method.<BR><BR>hth...thanks for the FSO.

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    Sathiya Guest

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    I dont know this will work or not but try and see.On the Print button in the Left frame please code this code.<BR><BR>&#060;....... Onclick=&#039document.window.Rightframe.print()&#0 39&#062;<BR><BR>where the RightFrame is the Name of the Frame in the Right side.

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