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    Sorry for not being strictly an asp question - it is for testing purposes though - basically I&#039m trying to get multiple versions of ie onto a testing machine but am having extreme difficluty - anyone got the know how?<BR>thanx ;)

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    It&#039s harder than to get muti_wife.<BR><BR>Solution 1. You have one 5 G HD:<BR>Try system command software and divide your HD into five 1 G logical HD, then set up 5 win95 OS, install 5 version IE.<BR><BR>Solution 2. You have one 1 G or less HD:<BR>Install Win95, IE, Use Norton Ghost to make image file, then recorde it into CD-rom, say "IE30.gho" <BR>Then repeat the step to make "IE40.gho" .....<BR><BR>But you have to install them every time.(~10 Min. 1G )<BR><BR>If you find better way, pls let me know. Thank you!<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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