Hi, <BR><BR>I am getting the following error. I am doing query on Oracle data base. Some times i am getting the following <BR>error. I don&#039t know how to get ride of this error. <BR>If i go and see the data base manually i have the following data.<BR><BR>Some times the error it won&#039t come on this particular line. It will come in some other line. <BR><BR>Can some one can help me out why this problem is coming up like this.<BR><BR>**********<BR><BR>SQL&#062; select * from act_type_sum2 where serial like ༼-0725%&#039and activity_type=&#039 2-I&#039<BR><BR>ITEM_ID PART SERIAL ACTIVITY_TYPE<BR>-------------------- -------------------- -------------------- --------------------<BR>DESCRIPTION SOLD_SUM IN_WORK_SUM AWAITING_SUM<BR>------------------------------------------------------------ --------- ----------- ------------<BR>BEHIND_SUM DER_START NEXT_DATE COMP_DATE<BR>---------- --------- --------- ---------<BR>IID0257990 KC135 00-0725 2-I<BR>Vert. Fins 242 110 0<BR>110 09-DEC-99 07-FEB-00 02-JUN-00<BR><BR>**************<BR>ADODB.Field error &#039 800a0bcd&#039 <BR><BR>Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted; the operation requested by the application requires a current record. <BR><BR>/Wormchart/SerialNumberFinish.asp, line 931 <BR><BR>*********************<BR><BR>set rst2I = server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")<BR>strQuery 2I = "select * from act_type_sum2 where serial like ༼-0725%&#039and activity_type=&#039 2-I&#039"<BR>set rst2I = Conn.Execute(strQuery2I,,adcmdtext)<BR><BR>if isNull( rst2I.Fields("IN_WORK_SUM").Value) then -- 931 line<BR>strInWorkSum2I = 0<BR>else <BR>strInWorkSum2I = rst2I.Fields("IN_WORK_SUM").Value<BR>end if<BR><BR>IF isnull(rst2I.Fields("AWAITING_SUM").Value) then<BR>strAwaitingSum2I = 0<BR>else<BR>strAwaitingSum2I = rst2I.Fields("AWAITING_SUM").Value<BR>end if<BR><BR>IF isnull( rst2I.Fields("SOLD_SUM").Value) then<BR>strSoldSum2I = 0<BR>else<BR>strSoldSum2I = rst2I.Fields("SOLD_SUM").Value<BR>end if<BR><BR>********************<BR><BR>If u want more info pls reply me back. I am ready to provide you.<BR><BR>If u think it is a data retriving problem from the data base, that is wrong. <BR>If i do the select statement it is working fine. So i think there is no probelm in the data base.<BR>This is the structure in the data base.<BR>ITEM_ID NOT NULL VARCHAR2(20)<BR>PART NOT NULL VARCHAR2(20)<BR>SERIAL VARCHAR2(20)<BR>ACTIVITY_TYPE NOT NULL CHAR(20)<BR>DESCRIPTION CHAR(60)<BR>SOLD_SUM NUMBER(15,5)<BR>IN_WORK_SUM NUMBER(15,5)<BR>AWAITING_SUM NUMBER(15,5)<BR>BEHIND_SUM NUMBER(15,5)<BR>DER_START_DATE DATE<BR>NEXT_DATE DATE<BR>COMP_DATETIME DATE<BR><BR>Can some one can tell what exactly i am doing the mistake in here. One day it is working fine. And other day it is not working. <BR><BR>Have a nice day.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Uday. <BR>