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    Hi,<BR>I have several asp pages which all include the same small seperate ASP page. This included ASP page contains a link, if this link is cliked the user are brought to a new page, however I need to get the users back to the orginal page.. if you can follow my thinking...<BR><BR>Basically, I need a way to get a copy of the URL of a page so that I can redirect users back to it later, using a javascipt "Browser Back" function will not work, because the user may go through several pages before they need to be returned to their starting page!<BR><BR>HELP !

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    Well, if you kept your pages clean,<BR><BR>use request.servervariables("HTTPREFERER") (i think thats the syntax)<BR><BR>on the corresponding page and use a ...Session Var.... to hold on to the url.<BR><BR>happy Session.<BR><BR>hth

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