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    &nbsp;<BR>Ok, i&#039m setting up a website that will profile bands. I&#039ve created an Access database table that has just 5 fields: BandName, RecordLabel, DateFormed, CityFormed, BiggestHit<BR><BR>So far so good. Now here&#039s the problem. There are going to be dozens of bands featured, so i wanted to design just one page that would insert the proper information depending on what band was selected. The BandName would be brought in from the Query String and the rest of the information would be filled in accordingly. Something like this:<BR><BR>Band - &#060;BandName&#062;. This band was formed in &#060;DateFormed&#062; and hail from &#060;CityFormed&#062;. You may know them from their song &#060;BiggestHit&#062;. You can find their albums on &#060;Record Label&#062;.<BR><BR>So if for instance the band is the Beatles, the link to this page would have bandname=beatles in the query string and the page itself would just call the database and insert the proper Beatles information for each &#060;field&#062;.<BR><BR>I made this simple but the theory&#039s the same. Every site i seem to find on database integration shows how to use SQL statements to build tables using loops of values and fields. However i have no idea how to insert different information in different parts of a page, not in one big table. I know there&#039s a simple solution... i just can&#039t seem to find it.<BR><BR>Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I&#039m stumped !!<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>alex

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    in the page that is displaying the details have the sql at the top say : select * from bands and then take the results into some asp variable so that on down the page in the html section you can use :<BR>&#060;p&#062;this band is called &#060;% aspvariablename%&#062; etc &#060;/p&#062;<BR>

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