MS ACCESS can't locate stored procs

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Thread: MS ACCESS can't locate stored procs

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    Default MS ACCESS can't locate stored procs

    Hi,<BR> I&#039m running ACCESS and trying to connect to it from ASP. I normally do SQL, and have never tried ACCESS before. Well... I keep getting an error when I put in the TABLE NAME in my select statement. OR if I try to use a stored_proc, I get an error about being unable to locate the stored proc.<BR><BR> Can anyone shed light on this problem?<BR><BR> thanks!

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    Default Need your code if you wouldn't mind

    I would like to see what your code looks like but this is how I connect to a table with the select command:<BR>ConnString = "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=c:sqlcustomerscaptnignitdbdb1.mdb"<BR><BR>set my_Conn= Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> my_Conn.Open ConnString<BR>strSql = "Select * from Info"<BR><BR>hope that helps.

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