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    Lau Glez. Guest

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    I need to include a remote server-side file into an asp file<BR>&#060;--#include virtual&#124file --&#062; can&#039t do that.<BR>Must be something like this, but even passing parameters dinamically <BR>&#060;LAYER ID="layer1" LEFT="100" TOP="200" SRC="" VISIBILITY="SHOW"&#062;<BR>&#060;/LAYER&#062; , (this only works on Netscape browsers, so it&#039s not useful), that processes the http request and sends the response to the browser embeded into the same page that is calling it....<BR>PLEAAASE ... PLEAAASE, HELP!!!!!<BR>

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    mansoor Guest

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    i believe you need a server component to do this. i think that either ASPHTTP or ASPTEAR should work. i also think they&#039re both discussed on 4 guys

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