I&#039m trying to integrate a call to a CGI program (exe) from within an ASP page. The exe requires a POST from the web server.<BR><BR>So far, (changing the file extentions), I&#039ve tried the following scenerios:<BR><BR>1) calling an SHTML file from the POSTing SHTML. In the called SHTML file, I do an "include virtrual="file.asp" and an EXEC CGI...<BR><BR>The CGI runs, but the ASP code does not (because SSI.asp takes control)<BR><BR>2) calling an ASP page from the posting ASP. The called ASP page contains the same entry as from #1. (This does not work under IIS4 and up, as documented by Microsoft, because ASP.dll and SSI.dll DO NOT INTERACT)<BR><BR>3) Using the ASPEXEC from &#039ServerObjects.com&#039. This does not work either because the call to the CGI.exe is being done from the OS (ie: DOS) rather than the Web server.<BR><BR>4) Calling an SHTML page from the POSTing SHTML page. In this scenerio, the called SHTML contains "exec cgi="file.asp" and "exec cgi="cgi.exe"<BR><BR>I&#039m stumped! Do I need to host this using another OS and/or Web Server.<BR><BR>My preference would be to stick with MS-IIS4.<BR><BR>Cheers