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    Jeetah Guest

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    Does anyone know how I can set up two textboxes, 1 for the date, and 1 for the time, which I can then insert into a database field of datetime? <BR><BR>What I need to know is...<BR><BR>How must the contents of two input boxes be formatted?<BR>How can I build the datetime field from the two to be inserted?<BR><BR>any help is always appreciated...

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    rossman Guest

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    For the date and time formatting options, look here:<BR><BR><BR><BR>It sound like you want to concatenate the date and time from fields into one database field. Try something like this<BR><BR>strDate = Server.HTMLEncode(Request("Date"))<BR>strTime = Server.HTMLEncode(Request("Time"))<BR><BR>rs("Date Time") = strDate & " " & strTime<BR><BR>Have fun,<BR><BR>rossman<BR>

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