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    Anyone know why some Javascripts will/will not work on asp pages.<BR>I have just figured out, after about 2 hours of debugging, the the onsubmit() event in the form tag will not execute a javascript function when on a page with a .asp extension (i.e. thisfile.asp).<BR><BR>Any one encountered this before? Is there a way around it?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    the form with the onsubmit even should be in an .html page first off... and if it isn&#039t then make the onsubmit event call an html page which has a &#060;script language="javascript"&#062; then in there do whatever you need to do.. and return something then in the action property of the form call something that first checks the return value of the javascript function then skips over the code in the the action called function if the return value is not what is needed or wanted.. (may have to re-read this a few times.. but I&#039m trying to answer a few peoples today.. so if you don&#039t understand ask again.. thanks.. and good luck<BR>

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