I need to use DynuExec to execute a dos command line from within my ASP page. I have been able to get the sample asp page to work. However, I have been unable to get the command line that I need to pass into MyExec.execute to work successfully. <BR><BR>The following is the code I am using:<BR><BR>dim strMyExec<BR>dim strCIMSFileDirectory<BR>dim strCIMSFileName<BR><BR>strMyExec = "pgp -ea "& strCIMSFileDirectory & " " & """CIMS &#060;address&#062;"" -o " & strCIMSFileName&""<BR><BR>set myexec = server.createobject("Dynu.Exec")<BR>myexec.execute (""&strMyExec&"")<BR>set myexec = nothing<BR><BR><BR><BR>When the line is run at the command prompt it looks like this:<BR>C:&#062;pgp -ea &#060;filename&#062; "CIMS &#060;address&#062;" -o &#060;NewFileName&#062;<BR><BR>A space must be between the CIMS and &#060;, because of this the entire section of "CIMS &#060;address&#062;" must be within quotations. When this line is processed the following error results indicating that a ‘)’ was excepted after the second apostrophe.<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039 800a03ee&#039 <BR>Expected &#039)&#039 <BR><BR>/testpage.asp, line 7 <BR><BR>Response.Write(myexec.Execute("pgp -ea filename.txt "CIMS &#060;address&#062;" -o newfilename.pgp"))<BR><BR>Is there a way to pass in apostrophes within a string parameter of an object? Or is there another way to do what I am attempting to do?<BR>I would appreciate any help anyone can give me with this A.S.P.<BR><BR><BR>