Updating variable amounts of data through forms?

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Thread: Updating variable amounts of data through forms?

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    Raven Lawrence Guest

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    I have some ASP pages that I&#039ve written that display header information from certain records in a database. I display 20 headers per page. I want the users to be able to change any those 20 records, and post the change. My question is, how do I send only the values from the form that have changed to the page that actually updates the database records? I don&#039t want to send all of the records (through an array,) b/c their is alot of overhead in writing back to my ODBC source (Client Access aS/400 ODBC drivers) I guess one way I thought was pass of the values to the page that updates the database and then compare, only writing back values that differ. But this still could have alot of performance overhead. Is there a better way that I&#039m missing here?<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Raven Lawrence<BR>raven@interwizard.com

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    rossman Guest

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    Forgive me if I&#039m misunderstanding the app here, but here&#039s my take anyway.<BR><BR>One option is to use the onChange handler to do something like update a hidden field, then you can have ASP look for that flag in that field and only update the appropriate records.<BR><BR>Or, show the 20 headers in a non-editable format, and have a corresponding check box that flags that the user would like to change the info in this record. Then the next page would show only those selected records in an editable format.<BR><BR>The first option sounds to me a little more like what you want, but the second options keeps the records more protected.<BR><BR>heck...the third option is that I totally misunderstood the whole problem! Ah, well. I hope this helps.

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