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    Hi all,<BR> I am trying to display the values from a recordset.<BR>I am displaying the department name,requestor,ticket # etc.etc.<BR>There will be more than one record for the same department.<BR><BR>I want the department name to appear only once , instead of getting it repeatedly for the same department.<BR><BR>for ex. instead of having<BR><BR>purchasing x y z<BR>purchasing a b c<BR>purchasing d e f<BR>salex x y z<BR><BR>I want to have<BR><BR>purchasing x y z<BR> a b c<BR> d e f<BR>sales x y z<BR><BR>how do I do it with the loops?<BR><BR>Sorry if this is a silly question. I am giving a try, but could&#039nt figure out.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>mack.<BR><BR> <BR><BR>purchasing

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    flag = ""<BR>while NOT yourRec.eof<BR>if yourRec.("Department") = flag then<BR>response.write yourRec.("Department") .....and other code<BR>flag = yourRec.("Department")<BR>else<BR>......only other code here<BR>*NOTHING HERE*<BR>yourRec.MOVENEXT<BR>WEND

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