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    Neils Guest

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    I&#039m creating a photobank, where visitors can upload images. When they are uploaded the images go to an admin section where they are then reviewed by myself. When I approve them they become viewable by the public.<BR><BR>My problem is that I want to create thumbnails for the photos, but I want to automate it because there will be a lot coming in.<BR><BR>Is there anyway to change the dimensions of the photos (gif and jpg)?<BR><BR>What do you guys suggest??<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Neils

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    Buzz Guest

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    How about when you do your thumbnails you just specify a &#060;img src="whatever.jpg" height=100 width=100&#062; It won&#039t be in the correct ratio as the original images, but... is this what your looking for?

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    Neils Guest

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    I thought about that, but the original image is still loaded in its entirety, and since I&#039m displaying 20 or 30 images on a page, this would be pointless.<BR><BR>I need some way to actually access the image, change the dimensions, and save the result somewhere else.<BR><BR>Easier said than done...

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    shaffer Guest

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    Hi Neils,<BR><BR>ASPIMAGE will do what you want (among others).<BR><BR><BR><BR>Also, if you need code to determine how to proportionally calculate thumbnail sizes based on an existing image (within ASP), check out this article:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR><BR> - Mike<BR><BR>

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    Neils Guest

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    The 4guys article is great, thanks. Are you the author by chance?<BR><BR>As far as the component goes, I work for a K12 education network, and I&#039m sure the management won&#039t spring for purchase of a component. Are there any freebies that will do what I need?

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    shaffer Guest

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    yes, I wrote it.<BR><BR>I don&#039t know any easy way to do the &#039true&#039 image resize within pure VBScript. It would be a pretty large task and not very efficient (but notice that I did not say &#039impossible&#039?)<BR><BR>I know of a free component that will do what you want. Unfortunately, the company that provided this component seems to have either gone out of business or dropped the product completely. Fortunately, I still have a copy of it. If you would like, I will try to dig it up. Send me an email (it&#039s in the contributing editr&#039s section) if you are interested.<BR><BR> - Mike<BR>

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    There are some free components floating around that might do this, (but I&#039;m not sure if they will thumbnail or not)...check out

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